My Story

I'm Jesse Hufstetler, the person behind the "Jetler" name. Jetler stands for Jesse Truett Hufstetler. When I was in High School (around 2007) I was in a band, and I wanted to learn how to record music in order to make some practice tracks for the band I was in. The band never really took off, but I continued to play around with recording music. Back then, the only insrument I created inside the software were the drums and maybe keyboards. But as I played more with sounds you could make inside music software, I discovered I liked making music in software more than I liked playing "real" instruments.

Fast forward through college, and in April 2016 I decided my electronic music was high enough quality to sell. I have a "real" job as a software developer and I just work on songs when I get free time. Because of that, I release singles one-by-one rather than trying to release albums. I think the songs are higher quality because of that.

Other Projects

I make software under the name Glow Shrimp Software.

I also make music with my mom under the name "Fortune of Souls".



Me, DJing at an event for special needs kids (seriously! It was fun!)